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Client Testimonials

" I am not sure if I ever said THANK YOU SO MUCH for that AWESOME OCR-Engine!? Speed, accuracy and reability are simply AMAZING - it´s a steal for what you demand as licence fees!! We tested a lot of Engines but nothing comes even close - all major Engines suck at something and are often a pain in the ass to implement. So thank you again!"

Hildebrand Müller, GREYHOUND Software

" Prime Recognition continually evaluates OCR products to include with the six OCR engines we currently use in our voting system. As both a developer of OCR technology and a very sophisticated user of OCR technology we're in a good position to evaluate OCR products. Transym is the first new engine that we've tested in 14 years that is competitive with the leading engines. This is quite an accomplishment as the leading engines represent hundreds of man years of development - it is usually very difficult for relatively new companies to catch up. I look forward to what Transym can accomplish in the future building from their strong position."

Kenn Dahl, President, Prime Recognition OCR

" I've been very impressed with the ease in which TOCR integrated into our solution. In addition, the supplied VB sample was easy to follow and adapt."

Peter Wagner, Foster & Freeman

" ITSS is mainly a software development organisation focused on document management. We have developed organisational systems for internal use as well as web based publishing solutions. We used Transym OCR for our NoMoreBoxes document scanning, archiving and retrieval system. This solution is also enhanced and rebranded for partners to resell themselves. Transym OCR is a key part of the scanning stage. We have differentiated our scanning solution by moving the OCR and PDF creation into a background task, so that the user doesn't have to watch paint dry, as is the case with many scanning and OCR solutions. We have integrated several third party APIs into this solution and our experience with Transym has been successful due to TOCR's flexibility and ease of integration."

Perry Newton, ITSS Ltd

 " I bought TOCR for a single-use project, after trying a few other OCR tools. It was by FAR the most accurate of the tools I tried, with very high success rates on very poor input. I used it a few times after that project, and have recommended it to others."

Mike LaBonte

 " I was on a training course for some document management software which had many advanced features, mostly based on its OCR engine - but their engine was really bad at reading the example documents. For example, not getting any text, mainly due to co-joined chars, dot matrix print, stamps etc. So, since I base my DM product on Transym's OCR, I thought I'd just download the demo and do a comparison. As you will see from the attached [actual example from the class] your OCR engine got an almost perfect result. Even reading the rubber stamps text. I have to admit that even I was surprised by how much better it was, considering the guy had spent half an hour trying to make their 'image enhancements' fix the OCR, without any success. I knew your OCR was good, but this was really quite impressive. Compared to the rather less than useful OCR from their rather expensive product. When you take into consideration that these products sell based on the usefulness of functions like full text search, the quality of the OCR is critical, even if the end user never actually sees the OCR result."

James Barfile

" I bought TOCR a few months ago, after testing several OCR programs found on tucows [a free software download site] - TOCR gives me > 99% accuracy in Spanish, yay! Other programs don't even reach 50%, so might as well type by hand. I also tested with French and Catalan text as well and it worked just fine. I wanted to see whether it could handle all the accent signs and unusual letters I may use: it does."

Mariluz Ochoa de Olza