optical character recognition made easy

TOCR is a one of the most sophisticated OCR software packages on the market, specifically designed for ease of integration. With a free API and attractive volume pricing, it is designed for system integrators.

Best Accuracy in the industry

TOCR’s main strength is its unrivalled accuracy. Because you can rely on the quality of the OCR output, you can process more jobs. This accuracy is the product of a decade of comprehensive testing, analysis and improvement.

Rich Features

• Designed for integration
• Reliable – fewer mistakes, less downtime
• Maximum character accuracy
• Maximum word accuracy – in  45 different languages
• Optimisation for poor backgrounds
• Automatic orientation detection
• Scalable performance
• TIFF, BMP and PDF Support

The integrator’s checklist:

Before you choose an OCR engine, you should check for the following features:
• Free software development kit, not only in the full product version, but in any free trials (most providers charge over $1000).
• Designed primarily with integration in mind – with close to perfect accuracy.
• Flexible and non-invasive technology. Works seamlessly alongside your existing software and doesn’t automatically override your default applications.
• Example routines provided in C, C#, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Delphi and Python to enable fast integration and to provide working solutions.
• Dedicated, responsive IT and account support.
• Fully stable, reliable and continually tested software.
• Fully scalable – able to combine up to 255 engines for high capacity solutions.
• Multi user agreements with seamless licence code integration.

Our clients say

"Even reading rubber stamp text, your TOCR engine gave me almost perfect results."
James Barfile
"I've been very impressed with the ease in which TOCR integrated into our solution. In addition the supplied VB sample was easy to follow and adapt."
Peter Wagner
Foster & Freeman
"I bought TOCR for a single-use project, after trying a few other OCR tools. It was by FAR the most accurate of the tools I tried"
Mike Labonte
"Historically, I used another vendor for my OCR engine, but I found it to be inferior to TOCR in many ways. The main reason, of course, is reliability. No comparison."
Randall Kochis